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In the last two years, our founders have been met with unparalleled adversity. Resilience in the face of death of loved ones takes great inner healing and as they walk through grief, community has been of utmost importance.


They want to build the type of community that plants seeds of love, kindness and helpfulness, one that grows together to the ultimate health of our culture.


Alexandra Bernath

The moment Alex's parents and sister lost their lives in 2017, a deeper understanding of enlightenment began. Alex believes in the wholeness that comes with recognizing your emotions, having the curiosity to explore them, the bravery to feel the weight of them, and the vulnerability to share them. She believes strength lies in knowing oneself.

She is a small business owner who grew up in Oregon and now resides in Brooklyn, New York with her husband and son.

Jessica Kersey

After the loss of her husband Ryan, Jessica had the desire to do something larger then life and contribute back to the community in her husbands legacy. 


She is a fun-loving, creative spirit who is determined to go after life and loves to think outside the box. She is a local business owner and has a passion to empower others through a healthy, active lifestyle. As a widow, her vision is to teach others how to stand up and walk with strength and grace especially when faced with adversity.  


Miken Oliver

Wife to Tim and mother to Harry and Dottie, Miken’s family is her whole world. She grew up in a home where love was a hands-on approach and continues this with her own young family.


After losing her mother, father, and sister in a car accident, the importance of being present kind, and helpful has magnified. Breathing through every day, she has taken on the administrator position at Nourish Early Learning, the center her mother started and father built, and introduced a new baby to this world.


She wants the world to know how to navigate through everyday grief and adversity by sharing their stories and creating a support system. It has become clear to her the importance of infusing more compassion, empathy and kindness into this world.

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