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Do Something Amazing Foundation believes in cultivating community, kindness and gratitude,

to make strides in mindful and heartfelt growth, on both an individual and cultural level. 


Every human has the capacity to create space in themselves for heartfulness.

We believe by learning about your unique human condition,

DSA can help you build a giving, empathetic, appreciative and open heart to both those around you and to yourself.

Having an understanding of heartfulness can allow you to overcome adversity and step into a growth mindset,

and The Foundation aims to do this in a caring and fun way.


DSA Circle Branding.png

Do Something Amazing Foundation defines heartfulness as:

Knowing and understanding your character values and strengths and intentionally using those for the good of the community.


DSA Circle Branding.png

Do Something Amazing Foundation approaches life from a unique perspective. 

Through the depths of tragedy, our founders discovered that our community needs to make room for mindset growth to face adversity

and heartful growth to approach life in a whole way.

We have seen the human experience through a new angle and want to foster a deep sense of love in our communities. 


DSA will help the Oregon community connect. By deeply understanding the need for help, we hope to connect small businesses and individuals who are willing to serve to those who need it most.

More to Come


DSA will create curriculums, camps, classes and forums centered on heartfulness and kindness for all age levels (early childhood, adolescents and adults). These will teach how to overcome adversity, build empathy and open a new space in our lives for self-awareness in a fun and caring way.

More to Come 


DSA will recognize 3 nominated people in our community per year that epitomize the idea of heartfulness and truly do something amazing; something bigger than themselves. We will recognize one child (age 2-10), one student (age 11-22), and one adult (22+).


Additionally, DSA will provide three scholarships per year (1 athlete, 1 studying Early Childhood Education, 1 studying engineering) to honor those who we have lost.

More to Come

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